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Implementing Care

Care Implementation – Assessment Visit

Implementing care for either yourself or a loved one is easy, our team will visit you at home or in hospital and carry out a comprehensive assessment, which will ensure that they get to know you well enough to build a professional and caring relationship from the very beginning.

The assessments will observe your needs, lifestyle and choices and will enable us to create a detailed person centred care plan.

We always welcome a next of kin, relative, social workers and health professionals to be present at these assessments to ensure we gather as much information as possible.

During our assessment we will also review any moving and positioning equipment in place along with the property to ensure that all the elements of care delivery are safe for you and the care team.

Care Planning

The information we gather during our assessment will help us write your comprehensive person centred care plan.

The care plan will cover your life so far, it will also provide care staff with a very detailed record of your needs and preferences, so that your care can be delivered just the way you like them. After all you are the most important person when we are delivering the care.

Once we have written the care plan we will visit you at home and ensure that we have got it right, if things change in the future, our team are on hand to update the care plan when needed, As you may feel that you need to change how and when something is done in the care plan. We are just a phone call away and will update the care plan with your latest needs and wishes.

Care Review

We will review your care needs on a regular basis, we like to do this every three months or sooner if the need arises. This enables us to keep in close contact and ensure that all your needs are being met on an ongoing basis.

This provides an opportunity for you to discuss your current care needs observations or changes, this can take place with a loved one or health professional present if needed.

Staffing Resources

Contact our resourcing team for the support and cover you are looking for, whether its short term or long term cover, we have a solution.

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